I’m gonna kinda ramble on this post, so bare with me. It’s 11 o’clock and mama is tiiiiired. Zzz
Devon and I don’t usually do dinner on Valentines because, well, we’d honestly rather eat-in and watch a movie (him) or crime show (me) but this year, we are headed out to dinner! So of course, the natural question occurred to me – to red lip, or not to red lip. I was feeling pretty in love with the thought of a bold lip for the holiday, so I put one of my favorites on for these pics and I’m sharing my other top picks with y’all too!
I also HAD TO SHARE these boots which turned out to the the MOST COMFORTABLE things I have ever put on my feet and they look amazing on. They’re only $40 and they are complete Stuart Weitzman dupes! I’ve been all about the dupes lately, as y’all can tell but when you have a baby coming and $600 better be going towards a nursery and baby gear, there isn’t a question that finding a dupe is a MUST. I’m serious… I wasn’t sure if I’d ever jump on the bandwagon with the OTK boots but after ordering these and seeing just how comfy they really are, I seriously just ordered them in black too lol.


Top // Cardi // Boots // Scarf: different color, same scarf, on sale for $15 // Maternity Jeans (on sale!) // Sunglasses // Lipstick in Dance with me
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These boots run true-to-size and still leave room to comfortably wear thin knee socks, which is a plus! I also like that it comes with a tie at the top so you an tighten or loosen the strings to keep the boot snug, right where they’re supposed to be.
I’m wearing the color khaki, but they come in 5 other colors as well; Grey, black, navy, burgundy and brown. Perfect for cooler weather over a pair of jeans or even better, when the weather heats up, pair them with a pair of cutoffs for a perfect date night look.
So like I mentioned before – here’s a quick peek at my favorite bold lips of all time! All of these are definitely more on the blue-red side, so they really compliment most skin tones and make your smile look bright and white!
Regarding the liquid lipsticks, I usually don’t wear a lot of them because they can be drying and I think they can easily go from looking well-lined to harsh in the matter of one-too-many coats and personally, I don’t think that looks good BUT these 3 don’t seem to have the harsh effect because you really only need one or two (at MOST) coats to get great coverage. They aren’t too streaky either, which helps when applying!
The one out of all of these that gets the most play is this one by MAC. It’s the perfect pop of pink, without being too “out there” or overwhelming – at least to me ha.
My second favorite is this one because the color is very daytime but can easily transition to your nighttime look and fortunately, it has the staying power for a date night meal…. and whatever happens after… Like eating popcorn at that movie y’all bought tickets for?
My third favorite would definitely have to be this one – it’s the perfect deep-red that we all want, without being too dark to where it looks purple. It has great staying power and would look perfect paired with a white tee or a bold, black top.  It’s also the one I’m wearing in the pictures above, so you can get a better idea of how it looks on.
All of the other lipsticks just fit into the mix and I swear I actually have different moods for each one – anyone else with me!?
Last but not least, if your tradition is heading out, I hope you beat the crowds, get a good table, drink some fun drinks and have the best night! There’s nothing like celebrating love, y’all. So besides the gifts and glamor, go out, enjoy the company of one another and don’t forget rule no.1 – it’s allllllll about the love.
And if you’re going into Valentine’s day without someone to celebrate it with – don’t count yourself out, babe. After being with Devon for almost 11 years, I only expect chocolate covered strawberries every year lol not all valentines involve over-the-top gifts or reaching over-the-top expectations.
So get a group of your friends together, grab some dinner, take-out, whatever and enjoy the night like you would any other. And if you’re not the “group” kinda person, Netflix is always there. Curl up on the couch and binge watch your favorite shows, because after all, when you don’t have a guy there commenting about your obsession with Joanna Gaines after the 100th episode of Fixer Upper, it might make it easier to find the good in the holiday after all?
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