A little less than six weeks until Valentine’s Day, y’all. Woah.
I know this post seems little bit early to start preppin’ for a new holiday but moms (me. I’m talking about me here.) out there are crazy and I promise that most of these will sell out before February even gets here so you truly have to be on your A-game and that’s why I’m sharing my favorite little tradition with y’all, in case you’re anything like me, ha.
Also, I really hope y’all enjoy these posts as much as I do – it’s such an easy way for me to compile all of the things I’m currently loving during a specific holiday!
As a SUPER planner, I actually enjoy having everything unusually early and organizing all holidays before stores even start to think of them, ha.
One of my favorite traditions we’ve carried on since having Penelope has been buying her pajamas for every holiday. It’s something she’s started becoming excited about and now she actually looks forward to getting her little gift. I’m not a big believer in having a 2nd Christmas for any other holiday besides, well, Christmas so giving her the chance to open a little gift makes things fun but keeps them practical and helps us stay with the true meaning of the holidays that deserve it.
So since I just bought P her Valentine’s jammies (and Easter?) I wanted to share with y’all a few of the cute ones I came across for your little one too 🙂
Regarding the pictures above, Penelope has been reeeeeally into getting into my closet lately and trying on ‘dresses’ (which are just my shirts ha) and wearing my shoes, particularly these heels, around the house. I’m not sure why she loves these so much considering I haven’t worn them since our engagement shoot almost 5 years ago which means she’s never even seen me wear them… maybe it’s because they’re pink… but she loves em’ and surprisingly walks better in them than I do, so I let her rock em’.
Also, her hair in the top pic is her new thing where she knots her hair into a bun and wears it around pretending to build castles and be Elsa. I totally feel the pain of parents of the last 3 years regarding that movie because it’s all. she wants. to listen. to. Plus, her poor hair gets about 10lbs of detangled a day in order to get the knots out…. brutal.
Before I end this post, I NEED SOME ADVICE.
Shopping for a little boy has been fun but at the same time, super challenging for me. I think I’ve bought every neutral piece of clothing that I could find, which is awesome BUT it sorta seems like every other store can’t seem stay away from corny phrases on little boy clothing and I’m definitely not a fan?.
So needless to say, if you have any small shops that you’d suggest for little dudes, LET ME KNOOOOW. I’m looking for cozy, comfy and neutral! That’s my style and so far, it’s been tough with the regular clothing stores out there…. *sigh
Maybe over the years, M will want something else for the holiday that he likes better than pajamas but for now, that’s how the tradition will continue with him and thankfully, I was able to find a few basic pieces for little dudes out there – hallelujah.
 This definitely wasn’t easy but hey, maybe it will get easier over the years when I know where to look 😉
1 // 2 pants + onesie // 3 // 4 // 5


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